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BiAgX® High Temperature Pb-Free Solder Paste Technology

Indium Corporation has developed a solder paste technology for high Pb-containing applications. This technology, called BiAgX®, creates a solder joint that re-melts at over 260°C.

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RoHS Ten Years Later: The Transition to Lead-Free Electronics Assembly

A little background, RoHS is a European Union law. It stands for restriction of hazardous substances. This law restricts a handful of chemicals in electronics. Most notably, for those of us in electronic assembly –
lead. The law essentially requires the elimination of lead from electronics solders. This law took effect on July 1, 2006. Surprisingly, this birthday has met with little fanfare considering the concerns it evoked when enacted. For almost 100 years, tin-lead solder was the standard for electronic assembly. The industry had decades-worth of reliability data on tin-lead solder and very little data on the lead-free solder replacements. So, there were concerns over how reliable the resulting lead-free solder electronics would be. In addition, there were concerns over how the European Union would inspect electronics to assure that the RoHS laws were met.

Indium Corporation SACm® Pb-Free Solder Paste

SACm® is a drop-in replacement for SAC305. It improves your finished goods quality at a reduced cost.


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